Noise pollution is primarily a loud enemy to the ears. It is also an enemy to the environment as it pollutes our surroundings. Constant exposure to loud noise, experts say, affects our auditory system; especially when it is above the normal 85 decibels. Noise above the normal decibels can perforate our ear membranes which can result in temporary hearing loss.

Lagosians literally go through hell and back trying to commute from one point to another. The traffic snarl they grind through daily is the main culprit. Yet it is worse that they are unable to get enough hours of sleep at night because of neighbourhood noise.

Such noises usually come from generating sets during power outages. But, the noise also comes from the many churches and mosques whose loudspeakers constantly blare to the highest decibels.

There are now many confirmed health issues associated with noise pollution. Some of these include cardiovascular challenges like blood pressure levels, stress-related diseases, sleeping disorders, fatigue and hearing problems.

The religious angle to noise pollution

The unchecked establishment of churches and mosques in residential neighbourhoods is a sign of the subversion of law and order in our society.  Due to the noise of generators, residential neighbourhoods literally go up in uproar of sounds whenever there is power outage.

In such neighbourhoods, sleeping becomes a nightmare. Apart from the noise produced from hotel generators, the heavy fumes from their exhausts also pollute the environment. Hotels and beer parlours, especially those that employ the services of disc jockeys that play from night till dawn, should come under the radar.

In addition, motor parks where blaring loud speakers unceasingly announce the destinations of vehicles should be covered. Mobile salesmen that mount blaring horn speakers on their vans should no longer have a field day.

Overall, a policy should be put in place so as to put a stop to this incessant noise in the environment.








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