Harmful Urban Degradation Habits

Residents of Lagos should desist from dumping waste into drainage channels and canals to maintain a flood-free Lagos. Residents who still patronize cart pushers should desist from the illegal act as this contributes to environmental degradation. Disposal of waste must be done through the proper channel which is LAWMA/PSP Operators.

Lagos Waste Management Authority (LAWMA) has urged all residents of the state to maintain clean environment and personal hygiene. And to also imbibe the ideals of healthy environmental practices. Improper environmental practices include waste burning, especially domestic wastes and tyres. This improper practices can be injurious to human health and the environment.

Role of LAWMA in the Environment

LAWMA has adopted various advocacy mechanisms to sensitise residents in the metropolis. This advocacy is on the need to maintain effective sanitation and personal hygiene in their surroundings. The rainy season hampers the turn-around time of waste managers’ trucks at the landfill sites. This situation would not deter the Authority in ensuring effective waste evacuation across the state.

The Authority has embarked on capping the landfill sites with laterite to improve the working condition of the sites. It is not easy for the bulldozers to push waste to wherever they want to push them to. This is because of the nature of the soil during the rainy season, that notwithstanding, they must do their job.

A good example is Solous 1 dumpsite, Igando. A bulldozer has been deployed there to clear the dumpsite. Thus, paving the way for free movement of compactor trucks, which by extension will improve waste evacuation in the surrounding environment. This statement was made by the General Manager of LAWMA, Mr Segun Adeniji.

The LAWMA Chairman advocated for the teaching of effective waste management in schools. This he stated would help to instil the habit of cleanliness and hygiene in the younger ones.

Also, Lagos is a coastal City that has high water table levels and is prone to flash-floods whenever it rains. We must therefore imbibe habits to keep our environment clean. This will enable free movement of the drainage system.

Source: http://tribuneonlineng.com/lawma-boss-warns-harmful-urban-degradation-habits/



    • Michael Adekeye
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    • January 25, 2017

    Good day, I really do appreciate the works of FOTE in sensitizing the general public on indiscriminate dumping of refuse on every corners and streets of Lagos State. whilst on that, I want to use this medium to call on the attention of the Lagos State Physical and Urban planning Development and the Ministry of Environment about the menace of contractors at various construction site and building projects going on in Lagos Island, when the building materials are being brought on to the site i.e sands and granites, they dump them almost on the walkways which disrupt the flow of water going through the drainage, thereby constituting nuisance at any instance of rainfall. thank you.

      • Ifeanyi Maduka
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      • March 8, 2017

      Thanks again Michael. Interestingly, there's an edict (law) which covers how contractors are allowed to work in public areas especially concerning the use of materials like sharp sand, granite, etc. What we can and will do, is include observations such as yours in the upcoming mobile reporting App, which will hopefully be launched later this year in conjunction with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry. Kind regards.

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