Drainage Systems in Nigeria

Drainage Systems in Nigeria

As we all know, its rainy season in Nigeria and in order to avoid floods, it is important to have effective drainage systems. This will ensure free flow of water during and after heavy downpour.

Drainage systems are constructed to ensure that waste water and sewage is transported neatly to disposal points, thereby keeping the environment well drained and free of waste. The following examples make up a good drainage system; drainage pipes, closed ditches having pipe drains, channels and conduits.

In many parts of Nigeria today, there is a great need for properly managed drainage systems in order to help control surface water runoff.

However, the proper maintenance of road drainage structures is being ignored in many parts of our country.

These days, houses are built without proper planning. Buildings are constructed without proper drainage systems and residents do not help matters either. You find them dumping their waste in gutters, on the streets, to mention a few.

This improper waste disposal clogs the gutters and prevents easy flow of water, causing the gutters to overflow.

After a short period of rainfall, it is common to see flooded streets with litter floating everywhere. Such situations create very unhygienic conditions and contribute to environmental degradation.

Effective Sustainable Drainage Systems (SUDS) should be put in place.

Sustainable Drainage System is a concept that includes long term environmental and social approach to managing drainage.

SUDS prevents water pollution and flooding in the environment. It also creates green spaces and habitat for a better living. Through SUDS, awareness on the importance of a good drainage system is created so that people can know it’s the benefit.

Without doubt, poorly managed drainage systems and poor waste management habits can negatively affect our health and environment. Hence, the need to ensure that we have proper drainage systems around us as the rainy season is here already.

In addition, good drainage system improves the productivity of agricultural soils.








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