The Issue of Waste Management

The Issue of Waste Management

The issue of Waste Management is relevant to everyone.

Have you checked your garbage lately? Are you aware that you are throwing away many materials that could be saved? If we did simple things like reusing glass, we could reduce our community landfill sites.

Wastes are substances that have no further economic use. If disposed off in land, water, or air, they are potentially harmful to humans and the environment. Wastes include solid waste (litter, household garbage), liquid wastes (sewage), and air pollutants (greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide).

Waste cannot be simply thrown away anymore, now it must be managed. Managing our trash is the “in thing”, though it is hardly convenient. Most wastes take a long time to break down. For instance, plastic bags take up to 20 years.

Today, more people are in favour of companies who invest in “green products”. As a result, industries are manufacturing most of their Christmas cards out of recycled paper, since it takes 20 trees to make a ton of it.

Dumping wastes in the manner we are doing now is something, which is ecologically unstable and must be dealt with.

Improper treatment of human waste and sewage is a major cause of environmental and health concern. Apart from being an eyesore that devalues the surrounding environment, improper treatment and disposal of waste leads to the release of toxins into the environment. These toxins are a direct threat to human health because they can contaminate surface and ground water.

Also, improper waste treatment and disposal leads to loss of important resources, which could be recycled and reused instead of exploiting resources and depleting the natural environment.

Moreover, some improper ways of treating waste such as burning can lead to the release of greenhouse gases, which have resulted in global warming and other climatic changes.

On the other hand, improper treatment and disposal of animal waste causes serious water pollution problems, which in turn affect human health and aquatic life.

Compared to several years ago, people have begun to see that there is a problem.

And we must address it now to save our world.

Therefore, it is necessary to stress the fact that solid waste management is a public policy of considerable importance.


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