Importance of Ventilation in Our Everyday Lives

Importance of Ventilation in Our Everyday Lives

Have you ever wondered why people who live in rural areas live longer than those who live in urban areas?

Well there are many reasons; but one certainly is that they live more in open spaces.

Everyone knows that air is essential to life, but not everyone understands that breathing of polluted air is almost as bad as not breathing air at all, as polluted air slowly poisons the whole system.

Air is composed of two gases, oxygen and hydrogen. Oxygen is the air we take into our lungs with every breath that is so essential to life.

This brings us to the ‘importance of ventilation in our everyday lives.’

Ventilation is the provision and circulation of fresh air across a room. It is a process that either supplies air into a space or removes air from a space by natural or mechanical means.

Without proper ventilation, a building can become a gas house of stagnant air, where bacteria and carbon build up making the indoor air more polluted than the outside air.

Good ventilation should provide a comfortable environment with respect to humidity and temperature.

Poor control of temperature and humidity can result in increased fatigue either at work or at home.

Do you know that computer systems have a tendency to hang if the temperature and humidity is not properly maintained?

Poorly ventilated areas can be hazardous, not only to computers but also to people working in that area.

People, who habitually live in unventilated rooms and polluted atmosphere, are liable to all kinds of diseases arising from poisoned blood and deranged lungs.

Ventilation is particularly important for the purpose of cooling.

The windows and ventilators of the rooms we live in must be kept open. As this will cause pure air to pass and replace stale air with clean air full of oxygen.

It is especially important that bed-rooms be kept well-ventilated at night.

The more we spend our time right out in the open air, the better it will be for our health.

The key message to take away here is that you should be aware of the importance of ventilation around you as lack of clean air can be bad for your health.


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