Climate change is a global issue that calls for urgent attention.
Nigeria happens to be one of the most vulnerable countries to the harshest impacts of climate change. As a nation, we feel the burden of climate change in our everyday lives, whether directly or indirectly.

Causes of climate change in Nigeria

Climate change is caused by both natural occurrences and human activities. But the environment is majorly affected by human activities. Human causes however, is as a result of deforestation, air pollution, and poor agricultural practices such as bush burning, excess and wrong application of inorganic fertilizer, burning of fossil fuels, urbanization, industrialization, inefficient transport system, among others.

Climate change and global warming if left unchecked will cause adverse effects on livelihoods in Nigeria.  Livelihood such as crop production, livestock production, fisheries, forestry and post-harvest activities.
Rainfall regimes and patterns will be altered, floods which devastate farmlands would occur, increase in temperature and humidity which increases pest and disease would also give rise.
Natural disasters like floods, ocean and storm surges, which would not only damage Nigerians’ livelihood but also cause harm to life and property.
In addition, burning of bush and deforestation has a serious effect on climate change.

Ways in which climate change can be reduced

Forests play an important role in climate change. The destruction and degradation of forests contributes to the problem through the release of CO2.
One of the practical ways to combat climate change is to plant more trees in order to take more carbon out of the atmosphere (as long as the trees are planted in the right place).

Measures that can be taken against climate change include campaigning against forest loss. Trees, throughout their lifetime, absorb tons of CO2. Hence, it is important not to cut down trees without good reason. Planting more trees is a big plus.

Another giant step to take is to avoid anything that may be a fire hazard. Waste burning should be discouraged.
There are a whole lot of other practices to adopt but starting from the ones listed above can go a long way.

Climate change and its effects on present-day Nigeria

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