We are friends of
the environment

We Promote environmental sustainability through advocacy, education, awareness creation and initiatives in the areas of renewable energy sources, waste management, economic empowerment and gender issues.

Our Partners

Who We Are

Friends of the environment (FOTE) was established in 1993 under the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as a non-governmental organization (NGO). FOTE’s primary goal as an NGO, is to initiate and undertake programmes and activities that address the needs of identified groups that impact on the environment.

One of FOTE’s primary strategies in attaining its goal is the use of awareness campaigns to enlighten and educate people about the many environmental concerns and the impact each concern has on the larger society.

To impact meaningfully and positively on the environment, FOTE recognises the significant role played by technology. The use of technology in many processes and endeavours increases efficiency, and therefore promotes sustainability.

Our Objectives


To alleviate poverty and engender equality in Nigeria through economic empowerment programmes and projects for women and youth which form part of the MDGs.


To mobilize Nigerian communities for environmental protection activities such tree planting, as a replacement mechanism to control deforestation and flooding


Ensure that people, especially the young are educated on, and where possible, exposed to, modern technology and ICT use in the protection of the environment at large


All of our research programmes are conducted with reputable local and international organisations including FIIRO, Energy Commission of Nigeria, the United Nations (UN) agencies, and others.


To undertake knowledge management and networking for innovative development activities


To carry out pilot demonstration projects on feasible alternative technologies. Also, to introduce to Nigeria rural and peri-urban communities renewable and alternative energy sources such as solar energy devices, improved woodstoves, energy-efficient stoves (EES), biogas technology etc.

Our Projects

To impact meaningfully and positively on the environment, FOTE undertakes several projects in conjuction with our partners in the private and public sectors including several international bodies such as UNICEF and The World Bank