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Flood has been a part of life at all ends of the earth, they occur in forests, cliffs, and even deserts. Flood mostly occurs during rainy season. This Article will examine the causes, effects and prevention of floods.

The main cause of flooding is when it rains consistently for days. The ground becomes so wet that rain can no longer seep through the earth. This rain runs into the rivers, and the water level quickly becomes much higher. The river cannot cope with this extra water, and the water breaks over the riverbanks. A good example is the heavy rainfall that occurred in July 2017. This event led to flooding in most parts of Victoria Island, Ikoyi, and Lekki areas of Lagos State.

Dam failure can also be the producer of flood. If engineers do not open enough of the dam holes in times of heavy rainfall, the water can then spill over the top of the dam. The outcome of floods can be disastrous. Environmental disasters can take place as a result of flood. occur

The Outcome of Flood as a Result of Heavy Rainfall

The effect of flood can be seen everywhere afterwards. There can be broken roads, wrecked houses, electricity pole and trees fall over, traffic congestion, etc.

How can this outcome be avoided?

There are ways to prevent the damage caused by floods. People can protect their property by insurance. Nevertheless, this does not stop a flood from happening, or prevent damage to property.

Government should make riverbanks higher. When a flood agent occurs, a flood-wall built by the riverbank will protect the town from floods. If the river bursts its banks, the water would stay in front of the flood-wall. The water will not reach the town as it is trapped between the riverbank and the flood-wall.

Another method is to improve drainage: Improving water drainage helps control  by floods facilitating easy flow of excess water .

Building canals, dikes and levees is another approach to flood-control.

These are just some of the ways effects of flood can be prevented. Nevertheless, we can also prevent floods by disposing of refuge properly and keeping our environment clean.