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Environmental Pollution

Environmental pollution is a major problem in recent years

Therefore, keeping our environment clean should be our top priority.

To keep our environment safe and healthy, we need to control the level of pollution.

Globally speaking, environmental pollution is bigger than we think. In many cities, there are problems with dirty air, sound pollution from traffic and other disturbing noises. The most severe environmental pollution is happening in developing countries of the third world. This is because not only do they lack sustainable management, they also lack basic sanitation system. So, you can imagine how bad the environmental condition is.

Thus, environmental pollution can be described as the introduction of different harmful pollutants into the environment. These pollutants make the environment unhealthy to live in. The most common pollutants are chemicals, smoke, noise, garbage, and waste water.

Environmental pollution happens in many parts of the world, especially in form of air and water pollution. In 2012, according to the World Health Organization, an estimated 7 million people were killed by diseases relating to indoor and outdoor air pollution alone.

Pollution of the environment causes great damage to the ecosystem

Also, air and water pollution can cause death of many organisms in a given ecosystem, including humans.

As a result, many developed countries have introduced certain laws to regulate various types of pollution. These laws were developed to mitigate the adverse effects of pollution. Without proper pollution control, environment soon becomes unhealthy.

Preventing introduction of pollutants into the environment is the best way to protect the environment from pollution. To do so, it is important to develop ecological ethics of neighbouring communities, and their effective waste management system such as waste recycling.

In conclusion, we should always keep our environment clean as this is prerequisite for a healthy living. Also, fighting pollution is definitely the best way to keep our environment safe.






First Solar Powered Digital Library In Lagos Powered By Huawei

On the 1st of November 2016, Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited made history in Lagos by commissioning the first solar powered ICT centre in a Lagos public school. The lucky beneficiary school was the Wahab Folawiyo Junior Secondary School on the outskirts of Ikoyi Lagos.

The project was developed under the Lagos State government (LASG) “Project 350”, a private-sector driven initiative to build libraries and ICT centres in secondary schools across the State. The Project 350 initiative also involves the creation of online libraries.

The commissioning ceremony…


Mr. Obafela Bank-Olemo, SSA to Governor Ambode on Education, cutting the tape at the Dgitil Library at Wahab Folawiyo Junior Secondary School, Ikoyi Lagos.

…was attended by officials of the Lagos State government, Huawei executives, and members of FOTE. The Lagos State Governor, Mr. Akin Ambode was represented by his Special Adviser on Education, Obafela Bank-Olemoh.  Speaking, the special Adviser said the libraries will collectively serve as an Education Portal. The libraries will also serve as repositories of knowledge in the state.

According to him, the governors vision was to transform Lagos into the most technologically advanced state in the country.

To further buttress this vision, the ICT centres and digital libraries currently under development around the state will be used as training hubs for teaching software coding to Lagos state students.

As the biggest ICT company in the world, and a major player in the ICT sector in Nigeria, Huawei has plugged into the ICT vision of Governor Ambode. As a result, Huawei has identified several secondary and tertiary schools around Lagos where they will either upgrade existing ICT centres, or develop new ones from scratch.

dscn0401Huawei have defined their corporate responsibility very succinctly. The ICT giants wish to improve the lives of people, especially women and children in their immediate operating environment. And one of the ways to do this is by educating the youths and improving access to information.

It is therefore propitious that FOTE is able to partner with Huawei in achieving this joint vision. In addition to ultimately improving the lives of the children, ICT has become an invaluable tool in the efficient management of the environment.

The Huawei ICT Digital Library at Wahab Folawiyo Junior Secondary School

Back to the digital library, the project was delivered using a 5 kV solar powered inverter system. The energy system is able to power 12 complete computer desktops, an internet modem, lights, and overhead fans. The Huawei sponsored centre also includes 2 split air conditioners.

dscn0347Huawei also purchased school textbooks to complete the traditional library component of the digital library.

These books were carefully selected based on the state’s curriculum.

The project also involved the complete overhaul of library furniture – computer tables and chairs, reading tables, and book shelves.

An interesting aspect of the digital library involved the use of FOTE-recommended HP pavilion mini CPUs. dscn0361


These diminutive devices perfectly replace the traditional CPUs which use up significantly more energy. In spite of their size, the minis were however configured to specifications suitable for school use.

The Project 350 is a laudable plan by the Lagos State government. When juxtaposed with the directive of the State’s education ministry to teach mandarin in all Lagos state primary schools, it becomes easy to envisage the key role Huawei will play in Lagos state going forward.

This seamless partnership can only bode well for Ambode and the future generations of Lagos state children.

We at FOTE are proud to be a part of this historic initiative.