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The health benefits of spending time in nature are massive. Some of these benefits relate to our physical health, demonstrating time outside has direct impacts on health measures such as blood pressure, heart rate, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels. A large part of these benefits has to do with the physical activities that happen in green spaces, such as walking, hiking, team sports, and more.

Studies have shown that after being exposed to a stressful situation, viewing a nature scene or being in nature can actually help lower the physiological effects of stress such as heart rate, muscle tension, and pulse transit times. Additionally, research in prisons shows that inmates with cell windows with views of the natural world had lower rates of digestive illnesses, headaches, and had fewer sick calls overall. The stress-reducing health benefits of nature also extend to the workplace. Employees with a view of nature perceive lower levels of job stress and higher levels of job satisfaction

Humans elicit positive psychological responses to nature, which involve feelings of pleasure, sustained attention or interest, feeling a “relaxed wakefulness,” and a decrease of negative emotions such as anger and anxiety. All of these effects can be beneficial in our professional and academic environments, as well as our personal lives.

When a person is exposed to nature, the brain is better able to relieve itself of “excess” circulation (or activity) and nervous system activation is reduced, allowing us to feel relaxed and present. Additionally, experience with nature can help strengthen the activities of the right hemisphere of the brain, and help restore harmony to the brain as a whole.

After hours of sitting behind a desk or in front of a computer, it can be pretty easy to feel drained and tired. However, research has shown that exposure to nature can help promote a sense of natural fascination and curiosity, which can help increase creativity.

Viewing natural scenic areas may actually reduce the physiological effects of stress. Patients in hospitals with access to view natural scenery show increased recovery rates, had better evaluations from nurses, required fewer pain killers, and had less post-operative complications compared to those who viewed urban scenes.

When given a choice, people prefer natural environments (particularly those with natural water features, large old trees, intact vegetation, or minimal human influence) to urban ones. This period, take your friends, your loved ones, or just yourself and enjoy all the outdoor wonders of nature!



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Sanitation and hygiene are critical to health, survival and development.
Many countries are challenged in providing adequate sanitation for their entire populations, leaving people at risk for water.

Throughout the world, an estimated 2.4 billion people lack basic sanitation (more than 32% of the world’s population).
Basic sanitation is described as having access to facilities for the safe disposal of human waste (feces and urine), as well as having the ability to maintain hygienic conditions, industrial or hazardous waste management, and wastewater treatment and disposal.

The importance of sanitation and good hygiene cannot be overemphasized.
A healthy environment helps protect women and children from communicable diseases.
Around the world, over 800 children under age five die everyday from preventable diseases; diarrhea related diseases caused by lack of access to water, sanitation and hygiene.

This can be combated through a healthy lifestyle and habitual sanitation.


Huawei Donates 1st Aid Kits, Umbi Cut Kits To Lagos State Ministry of Health

Huawei today Nov. 17th, 2016 officially donated 2,000 First Aid kits and 2,000 Umbi cut Kits to the Ministry of Health Lagos state.

The ceremony had in attendance The Honourable Commissioner for Health Lagos State Dr. Jide Idris, The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health Lagos State Dr. Mrs. Modele Joyce Osunkiyesi, the Public Relations Manager Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited Ms. Fancy Feng Hongjuan, Deputy Managing Director Enterprise Business Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited Mr Leo Li Feng.


Other officials in attendance were the Director Healthcare Planning Research & statistics, Ministry of Health Lagos state Dr. Olufemi Taiwo, Director Administration & Human Resources Ministry of Health Lagos state Mrs Adebowale Ganiyat Tunwashe, Representative of Lagos State Ambulance Services (LASAMBUS) Mr Jamiu Ajibola Abari, Representative of the Director Pharmaceutical services, Ministry of Health Lagos state Mrs O.I Omolanbe, the Directors of Friends of The Environment, Mr. Ifeanyi Maduka and Mrs. Kunbi Adesokan.

Huawei Technologies made a donation of 2000 First Aid Kits and 2000 Umbi cut kits to the Ministry of Health Lagos state. The donation was supervised by Huawei’s CSR partner organization, Friends of The Environment, FOTE (a non-governmental organization).


The Honourable Commissioner, Dr. Jide Idris in his speech, appreciated Huawei’s effort in contributing to the well-being of Nigerians.  According to him, the choice of Huawei’s contribution towards children’s healthcare and birthing care is timely because these were major focus areas for the ministry at the moment.

He further stated that the Umbi cut kits were recently used by the ministry in the sensitization program of the medical outreach. The program was carried out in Ikorodu for pregnant women.

On the other hand, the first aid kits will be useful for schools, medical centers, and emergency care the commissioner added. He concluded by saying that he looks forward to a long-lasting relationship with Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited.

Responding, Fancy Feng Hongjuan, the Public Relations Manager for Huawei Technologies Nigeria Limited, said that Huawei was pleased to partner with the Lagos State Ministry of Health on tackling some of the healthcare challenges faced by the state.

The Representative of the director Pharmaceutical services Ministry of Health Lagos State Mrs Omolanbe thanked Huawei in her closing remarks for their tremendous effort especially considering the current economic situation.

She also assured Huawei that the kits will be put to the best use, while reaffirming the state’s drive towards accountability and accuracy in all dealings.

Watch the slideshow video below

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