by xavia, October 19, 2016

Noise pollution is primarily a loud enemy to the ears. It is also an enemy to the environment as it pollutes our surroundings. Constant exposure to loud noise, experts say, affects our auditory system; especially when it is above the normal 85 decibels. Noise above the normal decibels can perforate our … Continue reading

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Water Pollution In Lagos

by xavia, October 19, 2016

Water is essential for life. We need clean, usable water every day: to drink, bathe in, cook, and produce many goods and services. We must improve the way we use and manage our water resources. This will help us enjoy the vital services our water ecosystems provide.   Oceans are ecosystems, … Continue reading

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List of Participating Universities & Offered Courses

by sola, September 4, 2015

List of Participating Universities & Courses Offered in the Brazil through FOTE. Details here.  

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by sola, July 21, 2015

A unique opportunity to study in Brazil – the World’s 5th largest economy, and arguably the most ecologically diverse country in the world. Brazil is a veritable mecca for culture tourists, academics, artists and eco-travelers. Successful candidates will obtain full scholarships for post-graduate studies, and tuition scholarships for undergraduate studies. The prerequisite 6-month language proficiency course which starts in October … Continue reading

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