why we need to recycle plastic

Why We Need to Recycle Plastic


Why we need to recycle plastic and not add to the eight million tons of rubbish in our oceans. We live in a world obsessed with throwaway plastics which can also be referred to as disposable plastics. These plastics takes about 450 to 1,000 years to breakdown and decompose. It’s no wonder thousands of tons of plastic sit unrecycled in landfills.

The worst part of all this is that plastics break-down into micro-plastics and end up in our oceans. This type of rubbish is known as marine litter or marine debris. Marine litter can be referred to as human-created waste that has deliberately or accidentally been released in a lake, sea, ocean or waterway.

Once discarded, plastic is likely to end up in oceans after being washed down rivers or windblown from dumps. Thereby, harming our wildlife and polluting the environment.

This litter is found everywhere and affects an estimated 600 species of marine organisms that live in the oceans.

This brings us to the question

How can we fix a problem so rooted in our modern lifestyles?

It is hard to quantify the amount of rubbish in the oceans, as it is always moving. Much of the rubbish in the ocean is below the surface, which ends up sinking and resting on the seabed.

Some countries have taken a step further to reduce marine litter. For instance, “American football stadiums use degradable food packaging that degrades with the food. France became the first country to ban plastic cups, plates, and cutleries.

We have had enough of this throwaway living and we need to recognize that plastic isn’t throwaway. It can have value if it is designed properly. Hence, we can recycle it properly and reduce its leakage into the environment.

Furthermore, I think bottle deposit return system should be introduced. In this system, customers could be made to pay an extra fee for every plastic bottle or container purchased. After returning their used plastic, they get their deposit back.

Also, during festive periods, prizes could be given in addition to their deposit for returning plastics.

I’m sure people would be encouraged to return their used plastics to get their deposit back especially during this recession.

I hope consumers would embrace this idea as it will promote a healthy environment. And that we would be the first generation to leave our environment better than we found it.




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