Water and Our Existence

Water: An Essential Element for Life


Earth is the only planet in this universe where life is possible because of the availability of water and oxygen.

Water: an essential element for life. We refer to water as life because it is an important element for all living things. No living creature on earth can survive without water.

We find water in rivers, seas, wells, lakes, etc. but we lack clean drinking water. 71% of the earth surface is covered with water, however, we need to conserve water as there is very less percentage of clean water.

About 2% of water is fresh water and fit for human consumption. The main source of freshwater is groundwater because of the natural filtering system.

Water takes nothing from us but gives life to us instead. So why waste it?

Water is a basic requirement of life in all areas like; household, agriculture, industry, etc. It is nature’s precious gifts to us for the continuity of life on earth.

All living things need more water for their survival as their body consists mostly of water. The human body consists of two-thirds of water. Water does not have any colour, odour, taste and shape however it provides all to us in our life.

Water is also available in many forms like vapor, clouds, glaciers, etc. The life cycle of water on earth happens through evaporation, rain, and other means.

Water scarcity is the lack of access to safe water. It could be caused by man or climate change. People who have enough water do not appreciate it and they tend to waste it on unnecessary activities. Whereas, people at many places of the world are suffering from water scarcity or lack of water in their regions.

This is not a problem of one country or continent; it is a global issue which needs to be solved globally. Hence, the need to spread awareness to people about the importance of clean water. We should promote the saving of clean water to maintain the continuity of life on earth.

It’s time to join hands together and take effective actions regarding save water. If we don’t, lack of fresh water will exceed its natural replacement rate. There are different ways we can save water such as water conservation.

As water demands, will increase in future, it should be saved to ensure its availability for future generations. By minimizing the need for water to humans, local wildlife and migrating birds can be saved.

Water is known as the elixir of life, so we should save it to save a life.

NB: No one can live without water. Therefore, we should always remember to fill the glass up to the need.




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