‘Solar Paint’ Prototype Introduced to Help Homes Generate Clean Energy

by Lola, June 29, 2017

Solar paints could be the future of renewable energy. There’s a new technology being developed that can turn solar energy and water vapour into fuel. The researchers discovered that in order to create solar paint, the compound should be mixed with titanium oxide. This way, the paint can absorb sunlight … Continue reading

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World Environment Day – 2017; Theme ‘Connecting People to Nature’

by Lola, June 6, 2017

World Environment Day (WED) is a very important day in our lives. It is celebrated annually on the 5th of June. It’s the United Nation’s principal vehicle for encouraging worldwide awareness and action for the protection of our environment. The theme for this year, implores us to get outdoor and into nature, … Continue reading

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Plastic Houses Can Withstand Bombing, Earthquake, Fire, Desertification – Renewable Energy Researcher

by Lola, May 26, 2017

According to the Chief Executive Officer, Developmental Association for Renewable Energy in Nigeria, Engr. Yahaya Ahmed, “Plastic bottled houses can last for more than 200 years if constructed properly. It can stand the challenge of fireproof, bulletproof, and it is earthquake resistant.” It can last more than 200 years on … Continue reading

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Importance of Ventilation in Our Everyday Lives

by Lola, May 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered why people who live in rural areas live longer than those who live in urban areas? Well there are many reasons; but one certainly is that they live more in open spaces. Everyone knows that air is essential to life, but not everyone understands that breathing … Continue reading

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Amazing Health Benefits of Hibiscus

by Lola, May 3, 2017

Apart from being a beautiful flower, there are many health benefits of hibiscus. No wonder people around the world enjoy its drink. Hibiscus can be grown in gardens, and it is God sent for butterflies and hummingbirds. They are known for their trumpet shaped, coloured flowers, which can make a … Continue reading

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Awango by Total, Access to Energy for Everyone

by Lola, April 28, 2017

Many households in Africa, Asia and Latin America lack reliable access to power, making it tough for them to light their homes. Total offers safe, affordable solar solutions. Even people living in very isolated villages can get hold of their solar lamps and kits, thanks to dedicated retail networks. These … Continue reading

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Mineral Resources and the Environment

by Lola, April 21, 2017

We often take little things for granted; this is also true for minerals. From clay minerals used to produce ceramic plates, to selenium, used in photocopiers, glass, shampoos, and steels. There is little in our daily life that does not involve the use of minerals in some way. Minerals are … Continue reading

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Environmental Benefit of Composting

by Lola, April 18, 2017

Composting is a form of waste disposal where organic waste decomposes naturally under oxygen-rich conditions. As we already know, manure is a low-cost fertilizer. It is a fantastic way to utilize nutrients instead of creating tons of rubbish that could be harmful to the environment. Also, manure is rich in … Continue reading

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Incredible Solar and Water Powered Trash Cleaner

by Lola, April 13, 2017

This incredible solar and water powered trash cleaner is the rising star of Baltimore’s Inner Harbour, known to locals as Mr. Trash Wheel. It is a garbage gobbler that clears debris before it enters the river. Built with $720,000 in public and private funds, the voracious device once filled 12 … Continue reading

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Eating Fruits and Vegetables Can Save the Environment

by Lola, April 12, 2017

As a nation, we eat a lot of meat and junk food not realizing how much damage it does to our health. We need to take into account that efficient production of food produces less greenhouse gas. This in turn leaves a smaller environmental footprint. In a study on diet … Continue reading

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