My Environment, My world – a Reminder on the Importance of Taking Care of Our Environment


We need to start doing the right things towards saving our environment from major environmental problems.

By so doing, we are able to save human existence in the near future.

Our planet earth has a natural environment, known as ‘Ecosystem.’ which includes all humans, plant life, mountains, atmosphere, and seas.

The modern technology we use now, especially in the engineering and manufacturing industries have a major impact in our lives. Some of these technologies result in resource depletion and environmental destruction.

In addition, environmental issues are no longer a blame game. Instead of complaining about polluted air, smelly garbage, polluted water, why don’t we start by keeping our environment clean?

Because when we look at it, our daily activities contribute to this environmental menace.

Below are some major environmental issues, where humans play a key role in its cause.

Pollution: Human beings and their actions are majorly responsible for all types of pollution. Such as water, noise, air, etc. Water pollution is essentially caused by oil spillage and ocean dumping. Air pollution rises from burning of fossil fuels, gases emitted by vehicles and so on.

Climate change: Climate change today is less of a natural process. It is rapidly occurring due to the ill effects of human actions like global warming, greenhouse effects, etc. Thereby, altering the overall weather set-up.

Deforestation: With population growing at a rapid rate, the demand for food, shelter and clothing has almost tripled in the last few decades. To overcome this growing demand, a direct action that we have come to recognize as “deforestation” occurs. Deforestation means, clearing of forests or green cover to make land available for residential, commercial or industrial purpose.

Overpopulation: This is a never-ending human tragedy which is responsible for causing all kinds of environmental issues. Such as: water pollution, resources crisis, gender imbalance, noise pollution, land pollution, urban sprawling, and deforestation.

What can you do to help the Environment?

Dispose waste properly; stop littering your roads and drainage.

Observe regular environmental sanitation exercise and clear out waste build-up from gutters.

Demand action from government at all levels, especially local. (This might look impossible but when we make a conscious effort to keep our environment clean, the government would surely support).

Last but not the least, spread the word. Let people know the importance of a clean environment and the dangers of improper waste management.

How do you take care of your environment?



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